The visitor to the small, historic market town of Battle will enter and see immediately the huge stone walls of the Abbey while by contrast the Church of St Mary the Virgin stands brightly lit opposite the great wall on a piece of ground reputed the be the spot where King Harold fell. The green, or market place is in the centre of the town hosting the town’s bonfire, Christmas tree and other social events throughout the year. The Abbey and its gatehouse entrance, rebuilt in 1338 is one of the finest monastic structures in Britain. The main building is now a private school. English Heritage run a tourist office and shop from the front of the Abbey where visitors can take tours of the ‘Battlefield of blood’.

The Battle museum, the Almonry, stands at the other end of the High Street where there is a number of engravings depicting the Bayeux tapestry which in reality is 70 metres of embroidered linen. It shows in graphic detail the invasion and the Battle that led up to the Norman Conquest of England. There are many medieval buildings in Battle, which are mainly in the high street. On the outskirts there are newer developments. Many people commute to London from Battle, the main train line going into Charing Cross. Battle is also very near to the schools, Vinehall, Claverham College, Claremont nursery school and of course Battle Abbey.