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A confidential property service for people who prefer to keep their business to themselves.

Let me sell you a secret

Our property consultants Martyn and Jason Stubbs will visit your home and provide you with an accurate appraisal together with sound advice on how best to market your property to achieve the best possible results...
Evoking Robert Cialdini’s Scarcity Principle of Influence, there are certain circumstances where it may be advantageous for a property owner to sell off-market and we have a discreet service aimed at search agents and specific buyers who have clearly defined criteria.
Marketing a property in a subtle and unobtrusive way requires a particular level of skill and knowhow. Our Coastal and Country club gives the perfect platform to find buyers for properties under the radar. Club members who have registered for our home finder service will be able to sign up to our discreet service ensuring the strictest level of confidentiality. Vendors will be assigned a dedicated agent to facilitate this service.
Our independence and flexibility of thought, enabling us to tailor our services to the requirements of our clients and giving us the edge over the often more cumbersome corporate approach.